Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July Fourth Photos

I was busy yesterday afternoon, so I waited to take these photos until this morning.  But that's close enough for me to call these the traditional yearly images!  As always, click on any image to embiggen it.

The grass is doing extraordinarily well for early July.  We've had more than sufficient rain this year and fairly moderate temperatures.  Rain is expected again tomorrow and Friday.

Lawn and Gardens 07.05.2017  (2)

The general garden image also looks good for early July.  While rainy, we're having more than enough sun to foster incredible growth.

Lawn and Gardens 07.05.2017  (4)

I added thirteen large dahlia this year, the majority of those inexpensive ones on sale at Home Depot. This is a fairly inexpensive one that I got at my grocery store, "Jennifer's Wedding."  It's just beginning to open.

Lawn and Gardens 07.05.2017  (6)

The ageratum looks particularly good this year.

Lawn and Gardens 07.05.2017  (15)

Unusual for me, I bought a few coleus.  They're doing fantastically well and I find I like the mixed colors of the leaves.  I may add more in the future.

Lawn and Gardens 07.05.2017  (14)

These are Cosmos sulphureus, small red or orange cosmos that bloom well all season long.  The parents were "Cosmic Red," but the daughters are getting a little bushier and a touch more orange.

Lawn and Gardens 07.05.2017  (12)

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