Monday, March 27, 2017

The Last Flat

Or, Flat #12.  While the Moonsong marigolds are still being pokey, I can handle four flats in the office if I absolutely have to.

So I started the last flat.  This one is composed of some final Janie Primrose Yellow marigolds, some Harlequin dahlia, some Cosmic Red cosmos, and a scant few Strawberry Fields gomphrena.  That last is only 12 plants, a trial this year, and the only larger amaranth I've ever grown (I've grown celosia in the past, but those are much shorter).

The season, although spring, still feels a lot like late winter...but at least spring is well underway in the cellar!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Flat #11

Flats #9 and #10 are being a bit pokey about sprouting, with the Moonsong Deep Orange marigold being rather slow this year.  I do build time into the schedule to account for that, but not a full week.

So I now have three flats in the office as I added the Janie Primrose Yellow marigold to the mix late on Friday evening.  Even if everything is very slow, I can handle the fourth and last flat if I have to.

I also started 12 coleus--Giant Exhibition Marble.  But those are sitting on a ceramic tray on the windowsill as they're not particularly touchy.  They'll be slower in the colder air, but they'll sprout.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flat #10...

I'm coming in to the finish line (as far as planting, anyway!) at just about the average pace.  The Inca II marigolds sprouted quickly, as expected,  and made room for the Moonsong Deep Orange marigolds and Janie Deep Orange marigolds.

At this point, the only things remaining are a flat of Janie Primrose marigolds and a flat of assorted late-sprouting things.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Flat #8...

The zinnias, as always, sprouted in just a few days and are already under the lights.

I started the Inca II Gold marigolds, and the Vanilla Improved marigold today.  Those are on the heater and should be sprouting very quickly as well.

Atypically for March, we're going under a blizzard warning for 18-24" of snow and very high winds tonight, so it's nice to have a bit of early spring under the lights downstairs.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Halfway Point

The ageratum did well, the Impatiens are slowly coming along but being rather dodgy about it.

Regardless, the days are passing and the zinnia have to start.  As of this evening, I planted 72 Dreamland Scarlet zinnia, and 72 Magellan Scarlet zinnia.  Two different cultivars tends to slow down the spread of the inevitable fungal issues in the garden.

Those should sprout rather fast, clearing the deck for the larger marigolds which will start next.

Still, the zinnias bring the grand total to six flats, of the 12 I do, so that was the halfway point for the planting!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Last of the Early Stuff

I started the ageratum and Impatiens (Sunny Lady lavender) a few days ago, which is the last of the early season plants.  From here on out, I have a short lull until the zinnias begin in a week or so, followed by the marigolds and a few oddballs like the coleus.

Ageratum definitely benefit from a few extra weeks than you think they'd need, and even so, they'll go into the ground as fairly small plants.