Monday, May 28, 2012

SumaGreen: Two Week Update

It's actually Day 18+ on the SumaGreen addition.  I applied 2 ounces per thousand on May 11th.  This is an initial evaluation, with the main one around day 30 and an additional one during summer to measure drought resistance with respect to the weather.

There were five test areas, with each report below:

Control Area:  About five hundred square feet on the back line, fed organically at less than half the rate of the main lawn.    Lawn quality is excellent, color is OK.  There have been no changes to this area over the last two weeks.

Back Line:  Maintenance as the control area, except that I applied 2 ounces of SumaGreen.  Quality is excellent, color is OK.  No change.

Main Lawn:  Organically heavily fed, with kelp, humic acid, and iron regularly applied.  Quality is extraordinary, color is good.  No change.

Gardens:  Organically moderately fed, synthetically lightly fed, heavily mulched with hardwood.  I regularly apply kelp and humic acid.  There are many species of zinnia, marigold, verbena, Convulvulus, statice, Melampodium, celosia, salvia, and a large number of perennials.  Growth rate, quality, and blooming are very good, flower  color is excellent.  There are no visible changes from the SumaGreen application.

North neighbor:  I applied over about a hundred square feet over the line.  The lawn is mowed regularly and fed by TruGreen.  Color and quality are poor.  There is no change in the SumaGreen applied area.

South neighbor:  I applied over about a hundred square feet over the line.  The lawn is mowed regularly but never fed.  Color and quality are poor.  There is no change in the SumaGreen applied area.

While it's too early to evaluate at this point, the initial indications are that SumaGreen has no positive effects for at least the first two weeks.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Late May Photos

The lawn is doing exceptionally well this year except for color. This photo is post iron spray the last two days.

The gardens are flourishing even more than normal! The photos below are at one week old.

As always, click any image to embiggen it.

Post iron spray, color has improved here. I certainly have no complaints about density or growth rate!
Img 3447

Week one photo:
IMG 3452

A garden friend coming to visit (and eat my plants, but that's a risk I'm willing to take):
IMG 3461

Some very happy columbine blossoms:
IMG 3466

An equally happy yellow Magellan zinnia:
IMG 3450

Its friend, a scarlet Magellan zinnia (the color is a bit on the orange side as opposed to a pure scarlet, actually):
IMG 3468

And a yellow Knockout blossom. There are about 200 others on the bush that look just like this one:
IMG 3459

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Photos and Experiment

The May photos for the lawn and gardens are below. The gardens were just planted, so as always this early in the season look rather sad and sparse. This will rapidly change.

I'm trying SumaGreen Turf on the lawn and gardens this year, a biological product with many different types of bacteria in humic acid. I had wanted the reference shots for today as I applied late in the day yesterday. Changes should take place over the next four weeks.

As always, you can click on any image to increase the size.

The May lawn. Density and growth rate are both excellent, although color isn't wonderful at the moment. I haven't had much time to keep up with the spray iron.
Img 3428

The purple rhododendron, which seems to be very happy where it is. It's tripled in size in the last two years.
IMG 3437

The magnolia bloomed nicely earlier, and the rose bush behind it should be along shortly.
IMG 3438

Newly-planted gardens always look sparse, and I just finished this yesterday.
IMG 3444