Thursday, October 10, 2013

Apropos to the Season

I've had a resin pumpkin on hand since the clearance sales last year and finally got around to cutting it.  A few hours with a small hand-saw and you get the pumpkin below.

Resin pumpkins can't have candles in them or they'll burn, and light sources need to be under 5 watts.   I pulled out my electronics kit and whipped up a four AA battery power source to run 4 orange LEDs and 2 warm white LEDs.  It's a bit brighter than a candle flame, and far more constant, but the inside of the resin pumpkin is an orange-brown and benefits from brighter light.

As always, click on the image to enlarge it!

 Halloween Pumpkin 10 10 2013

The Last Organic Feeding

Or at least for the year.  I dropped the last load of soybean meal at 15 pounds per thousand on the lawn last weekend.  As of today, it was watered in and it'll continue to be watered in during the next few days.

After this, there may be one more addition of Milorganite, but probably not.  The next planned feeding is winterization towards the end of November (or whenever top growth finally ceases).

The gardens are still in good shape, although not as heavily blooming as they were last month.  If the weather clears Sunday I'll try to get some photos.