Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Lawn Photos

It's been a while! Well, I'm back now!

Very shortly, I'll release the feeding schedule for the lawn and gardens for the year, but I'll wait until I'm sure the weather isn't going to flip on me again and warm up severely for a while. If it does, I may have to tap a bit more winterizer onto the lawn.

For now, photos will have to do.

First, the standard shot. The color is good to excellent, quality is excellent.
IMG 3579

This is down the front yard to include the neighbors' lawns. There's no color comparison, although they all look pretty good for early December. If you look closely at the far point near the corner in mine, you'll see a sizable knockout area where I killed out some P. annua (it was cold enough at the time that I doubted Tenacity would work). That will fill back in next April.
IMG 3580