Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seed Starting Success!

First sprout was yesterday on the Melampodium, and very late day yesterday on the dahlia. 

As of this morning, I see the Mimulus (monkey flower) just starting to poke up.

On average, that's about four to five days (I started some on Saturday) for first sprout, and should be another 2 days until sprouting is complete and they're ready to go under the lights downstairs.

That's actually fairly fast, but I find the seedling heating mat I use raises the temperature of the soil to about 80, and that tends to accelerate the sprout.  For non-heated seeds, seven to ten days to first sprout isn't unusual.

Using something like a space heater isn't recommended.  Temperatures will rise too high, and the seed slows sprout.  The fifteen watt seedling mat I use is just about perfect.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Starting Seeds--It's Time (for Some!)

It's just about time to start the seeds for the garden that take a while to develop.

It's actually getting a bit late for some, like Lisianthus.  Those should have started in January or even December.

As of today, Melampodium (butter daisy), the slower dahlia, and Mimulus (monkey flower) got started.  As soon as I clear my office of those and get my warming mat freed up, I'll start the Salvia farinacea (blue salvia).

Red salvia can wait a few weeks yet.  Marigolds, zinnia, and the like can wait until March 15th to April 1st.