Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yearly Garden Additions

I'm already done with the gardens' feeding for the year, so I guess it's time to add the amounts for the year. In addition to the Milorganite, I fed with Miracle Gro 24-8-16 from May through early July at a bit under half rate weekly through my EZ-Flo irrigation system. From early July to mid-September, I used K-Gro from K-Mart 15-30-15 to encourage flowering. That was also at about half rate weekly through the EZ-Flo system.

Organic additions were about 100 pounds per thousand less than last year, until you consider that 19 cubic yards of mulch went onto the gardens this year for an additional amount of 3,000 pounds per thousand square feet. That was an extraordinarily heavy addition of mulch.

DateNPKIronOrganicsOther Notes
Total per K ft:9.333.730.007.46187.5373 active organic total

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Photos

The weather's been pretty bad for the last two months with nearly constant rain, so color and density have suffered. Fortunately, the weather temporarily cleared, so hopefully things will improve.

First, the standard shot. As always, you can click on any image to embiggen it.
Img 3347

The gardens are still doing pretty well for October:
IMG 3348

The Impatiens don't seem to mind the weather:
Img 3357