Sunday, August 29, 2010

Highest Feeding Point

The weather still says summer with highs of 94 degrees or better through the week (exceedingly odd for late August). However, the grass will begin consuming massive amounts of nitrogen in September, so the year's heaviest feeding went today.

I applied 14.3 pounds of soybean meal, plus 15.4 pounds of Milorganite per thousand square feet. That will supply 1.77 pounds of nitrogen, 0.44 pounds of phosphoric acid (equivalent), 0.29 pounds of potassium, and 0.62 pounds of iron.

The next feeding will be applied in two weeks, but that will be somewhat lighter.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Lawn Feeding

We have showers coming through today, so I ducked out between the raindrops and fed the lawn for the second time in August.

This time, I used 14.3 pounds per thousand square feet of soybean meal, and 5.1 pounds per thousand of Milorganite. That works out to a grand total of 1.26 pounds of nitrogen, 0.24 pounds of phosphorous, 0.29 pounds of potassium, and 0.21 pounds of iron per thousand square feet.

Technically, this feeding was completely unnecessary--it brings my August total to 2.37 pounds of organic nitrogen per thousand square feet. However, with the damage done to the lawn by the hot and dry summer, plus the fact that fall lawns are very hungry, this can only help it out.

The current grand total is 159 pounds of organics per thousand square feet, yielding 8.92 pounds of nitrogen. September's feeding will be similar, and I'll back off in October and November.