Sunday, July 31, 2011

August's Lawn Photo

Well, July 31st and there will probably be another one later, but this will do for right now...

It's holding well through summer, although color is a little disappointing at this point. That's fairly typical for summer, and I've been unable to add any iron for about a month.

Img 3325

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Lawn Photo

We're moving into a very, very hot period, so I took the July shots today post watering last night. I'm hoping it holds, but I figured I should photograph this before we hit a hundred degrees plus.

I've been feeding normally (monthly), and applied the equivalent of 600 pounds per thousand of sawdust to the problem areas that don't retain water as well. That's helped this summer and reduced watering somewhat, and the long-term result should be to change the soil a bit to hold more water to begin with.

Lawn color is OK for July, nothing stellar. Hot weather tends to decrease color a bit. It also desperately needs to be mowed, but I won't do that until the weather breaks.

Here's the standard lawn shot. As always, click to embiggen it.

Img 3284

Here's the back garden, which is doing very well this year:

Img 3297

The Double Knockout rose is doing well, but I cut it back in late June. The second bloom isn't quite as impressive as it usually is:

Img 3294

I'm a major fan of the Teddy Bear sunflowers, but still waiting to see how good their late-season performance is. It's possible they'll stop blooming, in which case I'll use about the same number next year instead of increasing them:

IMG 3304

Here's a closeup of one of the blossoms:

IMG 3305