Monday, November 28, 2011

Late November Iron

I wasn't quite happy with the lawn color in the Thanksgiving Day photos, so I've added iron twice since then for a grand total of 12 ounces per thousand. That would be very high for a non-elite bluegrass, although elite bluegrasses just turn very dark greens.

That's the last for the year, and this shot should last right into early spring.

As always, click on any photo to make it larger.

The standard shot:
Img 3376

Across the back:
IMG 3378

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Photos

The lawn's doing very well for November, although I have a feeling that a lot of my winterizer washed through and got lost in the 2 1/2" of rain we got. If I see evidence of that, I'll do a partial re-winterization over the next few weeks.

As always, click any image to embiggen it.

The standard shot, with extra leaves. I sent the mower out to take care of it just after I took this shot:

Img 3367

A shot across the back, including the last of the trees that's currently de-leafing all over the lawn. Myrtle (the robotic lawnmower) had just chopped through these:

Img 3368

The southern face:

Img 3370

Bonus Image! My Christmas cactus decided to bloom a little early this year:

IMG 3366

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yearly Lawn Additions

I winterized the lawn today with Vigoro Super Green, which contains enough slow-release nitrogen to keep my lawn green over the winter (as it doesn't tend to go dormant). This marks the last addition for the year. This year's total organic amount is well down from last year's 450 pounds per thousand, and far down from the 1,200 the year before.

Updated December 4, 2011: I winterized for a second time and I've added some foliar nitrogen as well. I added the extra line and updated the information.

DateNPKIronOrganicsOther Notes
4/2/20110.730.290.130.2133.7Corn, Milorganite
5/1/20111.390.450.150.3122.7Soy, Milorganite
6/1/20111.150.380.100.3619.0Soy, Milorganite
8/1/20112.030.510.330.6833.8Milorganite, Soy
8/24/20110.490. Super Green
9/1/20112.060.420.450.5229.3Soy, Milorganite, 24-0-11
9/9/20111.340.380.180.8219.2Milorganite, 24-0-11
10/1/20111.300.400.140.8420.0Milorganite, 24-0-11
11/18/20111.450. Super Green, Spray
12/4/20111. 29-0-4
Total per K ft: active organic total