Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More June Photos

It's been very, very hot and very, very sunny for the last several days, which is kicking the gardens along nicely but starting to cost quality on the lawn. Fortunately, rain is forecast for Friday, along with much cooler temperatures.

I'm not including the general garden shot here as I took these photos at right around 12 noon. The sun was too bright and too directly overhead for good general photographs.

The yellow Inca II marigolds are doing very well and like this weather quite a bit!

Lawn and Gardens 06.14.2017  (10)

I bought a few Safari Red marigolds to round out.  They're doing extremely well:

Lawn and Gardens 06.14.2017  (13)

Not to be outdone, what the Janie orange marigolds lack in multi-colors, they make up for by being very numerous and very bright.

Lawn and Gardens 06.14.2017  (15)

I gave the Knockout Double Red rosebush a regeneration cut this spring, essentially shearing it back to the ground after twelve years.  It responded well and needs a shaping cut.  However, I'm not going to do that until after the first bloom finishes up.  That's going to be a while, it's loaded with buds.

Lawn and Gardens 06.14.2017  (9)

A closeup of one the roses:

Lawn and Gardens 06.14.2017  (8)

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