Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mid-November Photos

Rainfall is still scant, but with temperatures dropping that matters a bit less.  The remaining plants are able to work with it.  Although temperatures aren't dropping nearly as much as they normally would, with highs still in the sixties today.  There are a few tolerant flowers still blooming in the gardens, and the lawn is acting as though it were mid October.

The unusual weather is setting off some spectacular sunsets, as pictured below.  I caught the roof of the house behind us in the photo.

A few minutes later, the image was no less spectacular, but a bit dimmer.

Earlier that day, the lawn was doing very well.  There's no comparison between ours and the neighbors' lawns, which are paling out rapidly.

This is the remaining garden, with only a few blue salvia ("Rhea") remaining in bloom at this point.  The orange fruit is from an Easter Egg plant, which I tend to throw into the gardens for the animals.  And the animals are Casey (the larger) and Riley (the smaller), who are very interested in the lilac where a rabbit had been sitting some time before.

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